Shutdowns / Turnarounds

TVE Industrial Services’ Owners and Superintendents work with clients to ensure consistent cost and schedules for Major Shutdowns, Emergency Shutdowns, and Annual Regulatory Maintenance Turnarounds. We provide infrastructure development, as well as site and plant construction.

TVE personnel are trained and knowledgeable of specifications and work procedures. Work is performed in conformance with specified quality requirements while ensuring optimum efficiency of material utilized.


Our Major Shutdown work includes Facility & Equipment Upgrades & Installations, Modifications, Re & Re Installations, and Fabrication. TVE Industrial Services stays current with new weld procedures and are experienced in the process of weld coupon testing and verification. We are experienced in the development of new weld procedures.


TVE Industrial Services holds annual Maintenance Services Agreements with a variety of Mills and Plants. We have the experienced supervisory team to oversee the regulatory plant inspections and maintenance the client requires. In addition, our experienced Head Office Administrative Team provide valuable and timely daily reporting required to manage costs effectively. TVE will perform the necessary maintenance and upkeep of operating units for the customer planned, periodic (total or partial) shutdown to maintain, overhaul and or repair operations. This includes inspecting, testing and replacing process materials and equipment.


Our emergency response and mobilization time is as quick as 24 hours.

We have the ability to mobilize our supervision and trades workers immediately upon a call from current and potential customers. We support our emergency response crew with fully equipped tool cribs, thanks to our well stocked warehouse of tools and equipment.

Our On-Site Supervisor will inspect, assess and provide recommendations to plow through road blocks and get your plant or operation up and running, while meeting all regulatory provisions.

TVE has a reputation as a safe, cost-effective and innovative contractor.

Our accountabilities include:

  • Health, Safety, Security & Environment Management Systems are followed and targets tracked and achieved.
  • Cost performance as estimated or as per scope change
  • Cost reconciliation and daily tracking
  • Meets Quality expectations for deliverables
  • Maintains regulatory compliance at all times
  • Daily communication and physical presence with site contractors

TVE Industrial Services can provide clients with the Project Management and Solutions required to respond to emergencies, or for proactive maintenance.

Our Team can provide your Team with:

  • Planning and Scheduling – right from our Estimating Department through to our Project Management Team, TVE has the most current software to ensure our Turnaround Team can delegate responsibilities, plan budgets and minimize confusion over key timings. Our Project Manager works closely with our Project Coordinator to improve efficiencies during the execution of the Shutdown Work.
  • Work Scope Management – TVE has demonstrated the ability to meet strict deadlines and reduce scope creep. We work from approved work lists and respond to client requests through their approval process in order to perform additional tasks.
  • Manage Contractor Relations – We have developed sound relationships with our customer base to ensure smooth operations with open lines of communications from the initial bid to timely completion of the project.
  • Health and Safety – Our experienced OH&S Manager has developed thorough shutdown HSE plans which have helped TVE to achieve a 98% External COR Safety Audit. The chain of command is established, crew are trained and the executive schedule is designed to reduce chaotic on-site activities.
  • Quality Assurance and Control – With an International QAQC Manager, TVE has the demonstrated our expertise in providing the analysis to ensure all maintenance and inspection activities are compliant with all regulatory guidelines and can be fully audited. TVE is CWB and ABSA certified with an ‘A’ and ‘MA’ License.

Contact us at 1-(250)-377-3533 or email if you have any questions about our Shutdown / Turnaround Services