Safety History

Since the company’s inception in 2005, TVE has seen continual growth in our Safety Program. This is largely due to the dynamic group of Managers, Supervisors and Workers employed by the company who bring many years of experience and knowledge to the industry that we are in. As TVE Industrial Services strives to be an industry leader, our ever evolving Safety Program will ensure the success of the company for many years to come. Our goal is to perform our tasks on time, on budget and most of all SAFE!


  • Recognition for safety performance via certificates or plaques from some of our valued customers.
  • Very low frequency ratings which improve each year with increased manpower and man-hours.
  • Continual upgrading of safety equipment allowing TVE more flexibility without having to involve outside agencies or contractors to perform specialty services. Some of our specialty equipment includes a sophisticated state-of-the-art Breathing Air System that allows our workers to work in less-than-ideal conditions, containing high particulates or contamination. We also provide gas testing equipment with on-site calibration services by trained individuals, fall protection systems for low to high risk settings, and trained first aid personnel on jobs requiring this service.
  • Incorporation of annual training courses for supervision and workers to comply with our COR certification and continual safety knowledge in the industry we work.
  • Development of a Return-to-Work Program to keep lost time injuries below industry statistics.
  • Statistical data tracking is utilized by TVE in conjunction with WorkSafeBC to track industry trends so we can view the highest job risks with associated injuries and incorporate this in to our hazard assessments to reduce or eliminate these sort of injuries.